Toilet Seat Safety Stabilizer

Sit Smart Toilet Seat Safety Stabilizer

  • Toilet-Seat-Safety-StabilizerSay goodbye to loose and broken toilet seats
  • The goal to end Years of side to side toilet seat slippage of the estimated 30 million malfunctioning toilet seats in the US alone and throwing backs out led to the design and testing of Sit Smart Toilet Seat Stabilizers.
  • No more broken or loose bolts or premature replacement of toilet seat.
  • Peel and Stick no tools needed was the request of clients from Homes, Dr. Offices, hotels and boaters and RVs.
  • With the peel and stick self aligning design anyone can install.
  • Acrylic design means no rust from screws.
  • Thousands in use today at pennies not dollars per toilet seat.
  • Started in the Florida Keys at your local hardware and marine stores. (growing daily) Now in Ace Bradenton Fl.
  • And you think you work under pressure
  • Throw the toilet paper out not your back
  • Doctors have reported up to 8 patients daily with toilet seat related back problems. (in one Key West office alone)
  • Recapture the throne
  • Reign in secure privacy knowing that the toilet seat will not slip when reaching for your favorite literature.
  • Stop toilet seat from leaving your behind
  • Relax—No more acrobatics or throwing your back out when reaching.